The sentiment of escape

by Graveyard Love

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This album is homage to all things escapism.

From utopian images in science fiction and existential musings to the wonderfully absurd and the painfully real, this album plays to these influences.

All proceeds from this album will go to Auckland Action Against Poverty – an activist/advocacy group based in Auckland -


released October 13, 2016

Graveyard Love - Music/Production. Uber Studio - Mix/Master




Graveyard Love Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Dynamism of a getaway car
This is the night I pull away
The dynamism of a cool getaway
J’aime l ’evasion
Je conduis a l’horizon
We are in flight. Driving away.
Dreading the life stuck in a cave
Rien ne surpasses le sentiment d’evasion
Track Name: Encore to the absurd
Encore to the absurd

I wake up in a day, twelve hours later I’m in the same place
My life is a sleep, there is no dream
And if there was, it’s forgotten, I’m forgotten.
Track Name: Fast busy losing time
Fast busy losing time

They all look up at the clock
It’s here now
What have we done?
The years building this cave
Prepared now
Nothing can be done
This is drifting away
It’s clear now
Then it is undone in time
Fast busy losing time
Track Name: Friends wave away another day
Friends wave away another day

In this room we take the light away
And wave away another day
Keep the peace keep me please
We talk of time and out of time
Transcending the absurd
We thought this would never end

In a way we wanted to stay
And save the change tomorrow pay
Keep the peace but stop me please
This was our time but now it is time
Escaping the sun
I thought this would never end
Track Name: Future the escape plan
Futures the escape plan

I wish it for tomorrow because the futures the escape plan
Who wants to believe they are in a hole
When the day comes that never does,
There’ll be better things and we’ll see in a better light
I live in a dungeon with escape plans stuck to the wall
Beauty in cave, creation in a hole
If today is a burden then the future’s our escape plan
If today was a wasteland…
If the moment is burning…
If today was a burden…
Track Name: Never ever never
Never ever never

Wake up in the humid highs of the summer
The breath is heavy but nothing sleeps
It’s late now and it’s all out from undercover
The creatures of the dirt are out and under my skin

Pack it up burn it up everything that mattered
I don’t want to objectify and live the lie on TV
Dim it down turn it off try to smother
We never ever see it all til we can’t sleep
Track Name: Strung out on space and time
Strung out on space and time

You said you love the idea more than the thing itself
The only thing better than something is nothing at all
We are wanting and willing like a distant love
But it’s never the same over the phone
Young people old photos the relentless drive
Sooner or later we are out of time
We never stop willing, a longing for life
And it makes us strung out on space and time
Track Name: You and I are free to escape
You and I are free to escape

You and I stay all day into the night
Watch the world away
Here we are free to escape
But to look into eyes that make cages fade
Will it now and choose your pain repeat the time
And take it all again
There we were free to escape
But to see it now I’d do it all the same again